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Process of Logo Registration in Coimbatore

Logo Registration in Coimbatore

Logo Registration is helps to represent your business. Before sending that logo to the world, you should consider how to protect the design and the business behind it, through the proper use of trademark law. The transition from design to brand to concept to operation is crucial. Trademark ownership actually comes from using trademarks for commercial products. A logo designer is not usually a trademark owner. The business owner who uses the trademark properly is the owner of the trademark.

When your logo appears only on labels, packaging or a product it becomes a trademark and people recognize the company behind that particular combination of colors and shapes. Imagine that you see a sign with golden arches; you’re probably portraying a Happy Meal (trademarked) or similar fast food item at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Trend of Logo Registration

Logo Registration
Logo Registration

1.Stained glass

Logo design, as a relatively modern invention, often draws inspiration from past techniques and limitations. In the case of 2021, many logo designers are receiving enlightenment in the stained glass window of the Dark Ages.

When applied to modern design, the fracturing of images in solid colored shards gives abstract touches to general concepts. Stained glass is also associated with the sanctity of seeing its roots in the medieval church. It is no coincidence that the trend of this logo is often used in conjunction with the beautiful vista of nature. After spending an excellent part of a year stuck inside, we can expect our most important environment to be blessed with respect in the 2021 stained glass logo design.

2. Drawing perspective

Once laid out by iconic logo designer Lyndon Leader, exquisite design is born with elegance and clarity. These two qualities are what allow logo design to effectively communicate the complex identity of a brand. That’s why so many past logo trends have focused on minimalist and flat designs. This designs can be used to get registration in Logo registration in Coimbatore

3. Simple geometry

Shapes are the building blocks of imagination. But while ancient shapes like triangles, squares and circles are often phased out when they lay the foundation, there is power in their pure simplicity.

4. Ancient symmetry

Balance is one of the essential principles of logo design, and symmetry is perhaps its most extreme expression. The symmetrical logo mark is the same on each side when splitting the middle. While equality and prediction seem synonymous with futility, symmetry design is all about power. They remind us of buildings that are tall and complex, built to hold their ground .and they achieve this through perfect symmetrical balance.

Documents for Logo Registration

Following are the documents required for Logo registration in Coimbatore-Sulur

Proof of applicant

PAN card and applicant’s address Proof of registration certificate (excluding individual applicant)

Brand name and logo

The logo must contain the applicable brand name for trademark registration

User affidavit

If a specific user date is to be claimed, the user must also submit an affidavit

Proof of TM use

To claim a specific user date, proof of documents such as invoices, access certificates, etc. should also be provided with the brand name

MSME / start-up validation

Logo registration in Peelamedu needs the Partnership firms, body corporate (other than individuals) to provide a certificate of registration under the MSME or Start-up India scheme to get a 0% discount on government fees.

Signed Form TM – 48

TM-48 is a legal document that allows an attorney to file a trademark on your behalf through the trademark registry. The document will prepare by professionals for signature for Logo registration in Saravanampatti.

Steps of Logo Registration

Step 1 – Collection

Discussion and collection of basic information

Provide the required documents

Choose the right class

Check trademark search and availability

Step 2 – Execution

Drafting of documents by professionals

Power Attorney Franking on Attorney

Step 3 – Submission

Filing an online TM application

Sharing of filed application and receipt

Step 4 – Start using TM

Now you can legally start using it next to your logo or brand

Benefits of Logo Registration

Guardians of commercial goodwill

The registered owner of the trademark has the right to create, install and secure the goodwill of his / her products or services. The owner can prevent other merchants from using his trademark illegally. Any infringer can sue for brand name vulnerabilities and even claim damages for any infringement.

Legal protection

The registered trademark gives its owner a legal right if incase the infringement occur. Not registering a trademark can leave the original brand name owner without any remedy.

Wealth creation

Trademark registration in India makes it an intangible asset. Registered TM can be sold, assigned, franchised or commercially contracted to benefit the company or individual owner.


When it comes to brand building, the first challenge that many limited companies or individual brand owners face is “making an impact”. Delivering your brand idea to the next generation with a short focus is another. So, Logo Registration in Chennai ,writing 1000 words about your company will not work like your company logo. From Google to Apple Pal, all the big shots in the commercial world keep updating their logos from time to time just to stay relevant and trendy. Minimalism is the key and therefore the logos of past, present and future of worldwide industries. A good logo is one that meets the brand target and reaches the right audience. Combining the whole brand with the symbol can be difficult and time consuming.

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