Logo Registration In Coimbatore

Solubilis offer Logo registration in Coimbatore for all the associations to make the brand popular among their potential buyers. Logo is an intellectual property of a business. The business can be small, or large. It should speaks for the association. Logo can be a wording, image or an expression. The techniques which are used in trademark registration are also use for logo registration. In Coimbatore all the business visionaries are setting up a logo because of its simple registration strategies. Logo is the duty of all business person after taking advices from the counsel of trademark lawyer or a lawful professionals. The primary phase of logo registration is logo search and the owner should knowledge about what he need to specific in a logo according to the business necessities. Solubilis is the well-known logo registration consultants in Coimbatore who checks the coveted logo through both national and universal logo database to avoid certain conflicts from the business rivals.

Process Of Logo Registration in Coimbatore

Availability Search

Through availability search you can check that your logo has been taken or not.

Filing Form TM-1

The form TM-1 should contain only one application. For different categories there should different forms.

Use Trademark

You can use TM Symbol. But getting the registered R symbol takes up to 2 years.

Examination Report

The process of enquiring your claim for trademarked logo will starts from now onwards.

Advertisement in TM Journal

After getting approval from Government, the trademark is ready to be viewed by the public.

Trademark Registration

It takes around 9 months to get registered after the publishment in the trademark journal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Logo registration

Most of the clients avoid such questions to their attorneys because they afraid that they will sound stupid if they ask such a basic question. But when you forward such a question, you can clear all the misconceptions and get the idea about what is a logo and all other things.

It is the initial phase of a registration. By using availability search we can predict that the logo is already exist or not. Availability search can be done both online and offline. Offline process can be done with trademark office. An experienced search Is mandatory to conduct an exhaustive search. But in case like, if there is another existing trademark and you need to register the same, then you can go ahead with the help of an excellent lawyer.

Many firms are trying to get a duplicate logo or recreate logos to attain more business. But sometimes this may cause penalties and termination of such business. Logo has a special power to create an impression in the minds of customers. But unregistered logo may cause loss of revenue for original firms.

Take an example: If a well-recognized company selling some products under a logo which is not registered yet. In such situation some other rivals takes this chance and make some duplicate logos. Under the duplicate logos they started to sell the products and make the business more profitable. Customers only consider what logo it is and they do not know if there any forgery happened or not.

Logo should be elegant, and easy to remember by the customers. An attractive logo should contain elements like colours, sketch marks, text, designs or any other decorators. It should not resemble with the already existing trademark or any other religious names. Logo is completely different from a promotional or laudatory word.

Best Solution for Logo Registration

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