benefits of Logo registration

Choosing the correct Logo is really a complex task. A Logo which is a unique identity and credibility of a product or services in the targeted marketplace. It has certain power to represent the company in an elegant way in the local, national or international market places. Logo registration in national and international level is a scrupulous process. Logo makes the company as a respective one. Perfect logo makes the company easy to get popularity and remembrances. Under the amendment act you can make safe your logo by getting legal registration under trademarks as part of IPR. The perfect logo identifies goods and services and its respective origin. Attractive logos are spread all over the world and get high impressions. It gives assurity to the clients about the quality and reliability. It is the most important economical way to promote your business in the market. It can act as a prestigious image representation for the goods and services.

Documents for Logo Registration

  • Applicant’s name, address and nationality. If it is partnership firm then details of the partners.
  • If the registration applicant is a company, then incorporation certificate is mandatory.
  • Soft copy of the logo is mandatory
  • If the application is for claiming the priority for an existing one then details of such application is mandatory. Certified priority document is mandatory for this type.
  • The date of initial use of the logo in India, if it is used.
  • Power of attorney signed by the applicant.

Best Solution for Logo Registration

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