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What is logo registration?

logo registration in coimbatore

Logos are important and interesting! The logo is an intellectual Property (IP) that has a place with an association. One should sign up to make the brand more known to people who might buy it. Any word, phrase, or image designed to convey information to the entire organization could serve as the logo. A way for a business to be known and recognized by customers is through the trademark registration act.

How to register logo online?

Online logo registration in Coimbatore is a popular choice for business visionaries due to its simplicity and straightforward strategies. You can get assistance with the logo registration process from a trademark lawyer or other legal professional.

Logo search is the most significant phase of the entire procedure. It’s important to know exactly what the requirements are for a particular logo design that meets the needs of the business.

A trademark is a set of characters or numbers that a company uses to set itself apart from competitors’ goods or services. Trademark registration can assist with keeping product or service from being duplicated or copied by different entities or contenders.

The majority of businesses today create a brand and spend a lot of money marketing it. The investments and actions of such businesses can be shielded from untrustworthy copycats through logo registration in Coimbatore. The best Indian logo designers can create your company logo online.

The benefits

  • The advantages of a brand registration in Coimbatore include enhancing the company’s goodwill and protecting the brand and business.
  • Customers will remain loyal to a business for many years to come because of a trademark’s role as a link between the brand and its audience.
  • Quality is guaranteed by a trademark.
  • The source of the product or service receives this acknowledgement.
  • It helps sell products or services.

Trademark registration components

Trademark search

A methodical approach is needed to locate a name. You won’t choose a name that is already in use because of this aspect. Using a number of generic words in combination, you can come up with your brand name.

Trademark application

To avoid receiving complaints from the trademark office, it is absolutely necessary to include the correct information in your application.

Documents to be added

Copy of the logo

A proof of claim for the proposed mark (if material) can be utilized in another country.

Lettered authorization to the trademark attorney in Form TM 48. To be trademarked by applicant.


The Registrar checks the information, trade description, selected class, and generosity of the brand name after the application has been submitted. The brand name cannot be the same as any previously applied or registered trademark.

Any brand name differences or similarities must be reported by the applicant. Legally, the applicant, through their attorney, must respond to any objections within 30 days of the examination date.


If the trademark is approved for registration, it must be published in the Indian Trademark Journal. The most crucial stage in trademark registration is this one. Rival brands ought to record no opposition in somewhere around four months (120 days).

Register certificate

A trademark application must be registered by the Registrar if there is no opposition within 120 days. The Registration Certificate that the Registrar issues is accompanied by the seal of the Trademark Registry.

You can use the registered trademark logo or the brand name next to it once you have your certificate. The authentication is substantial for quite a long time and can be renewed like every 10 years.

Benefits of logo registration in India

Brand recognition

Consumers associate commodity quality, execution, highlights, and a lot more with the firm that makes such items.

They use a logo that would be registered as a trademark to identify the products and services. Logo registration in Coimbatore promotes brand recognition for your products and services.

Product differentiation

Trademark empowers you to separate your goods and services from your rivals. It helps in giving distinguishing proof to your labor and products.

Consumers remarkably distinguish products conveying particular brand names. As a result, it helps you build a customer base for your product.

Legal protection

Trademarks are considered intellectual property under the Trademark Registration Act of 1999. As a result, trademarks are safe from infringement.

Whenever you have filled your trademark application, you can utilize the image ‘™’ with your items.

At the point when you have gotten your Online logo registration in Coimbatore, you can utilize the image “R.” Moreover, you can utilize the image ® just with the items recorded in your brand name authentication.

Importance of logo registration

When you register your logo as a trademark, you have priority over others to use that mark. You are allowed to use the logo in your area if it does not have a trademark.

Even if you used the logo first, you probably won’t be able to stop someone else from using it if they don’t register.

Someone else in the same or even a different area could use the logo without your permission. In 2023, you can get the best services in India by trademarking A Logo!

The value of your brand and the results you achieve may be diminished if your logo is used by someone else. You can prevent others from using your logo if it has a trademark.


At the point when your logo has trademark registration in Coimbatore, you have the ability to sue any individual who utilizes the logo without consent.

In certain occurrences, essentially having the logo with a brand name can be adequate to win the legal dispute.

Someone could even face criminal charges for using a trademarked logo in an inappropriate way in some cases.

Import of foreign goods

You can also prevent the import of foreign goods that would violate your trademark with online trademark registration in Coimbatore. This benefit also aids in preventing your brand from deteriorating.

Foreign registration

You can file for trademark protection in other nations once your company name or logo has been trademarked. In addition, this enables you to expand your market and sell your product in international markets.


Logo is like an asset. Thus logo registration is important.